Days Like This
A Novel Study


Good Morning Guys,

Last week we had a lengthy discussion about essay writing as a text response. This week I would like you to take the time to plan your essay, based on this essay topic- Days Like This presents a realistic glimpse of Australia’s future. Support your argument with quotes from the text.

To help you along, I have linked you to an essay planner I would like you to use this to plan your essay this morning.

Have fun! 🙂









‘FaceBook’ Page:

Imagine what Facebook pages of characters from the novel might look like. Think about what their status updates might look like and the post’s they might put on one another’s wall.

  • Create a folder on your desktop entitled Days Like This- FaceBook Page.
  • Begin searching for and collecting copyright free images that represent your visualisation of the characters and the locations they live/visit.
  • Go to
  • Create an account using your student email account
  • Create a fake FaceBook page for any character in Days Like This
  • Take screenshot, save URL and post it in the comments for this post.
  • Go here for an example

Apologies for the delay in posting this for you all to see, but I am finally posting the Voki’s that my book clubber’s made week before last…there was no book club meeting this last Friday, but I promise they had a great excuse! They had an Author visit with James Roy 🙂

Below are the links for the Voki’s they made, enjoy!

William Old’s Voki

Bethany Spicer’s Voki 

Todd Boyd Smith’s Voki











ICT Activities:

Character Voki

1. After reading chapters 1-4 choose two characters from the book.

2. You will be creating a talking avatar using

3. Go to and log-in or create a Voki account. (Note: If you are not logged in, you will not be able to embed your Voki in your blog/keynote.)

4. Choose two characters from Days Like This. Create a Voki for those characters.  Due to the word count limitations in each Voki, you may need to do a few Vokis for your character to complete the speech requirements. You’re writing the speech in first person as if the character is talking about himself/ herself. Include the following details in your speech:

  • Three text details that describe their behaviours, how they feel, what they might be thinking about one another/their situation, their appearance, etc.
  • Share their thoughts on the Black Troopers.
Once you have completed your Voki, email me the embed code for your Voki so I can embed them into a blog post. Dont forget to include your name in the subject line of your email please 🙂


Good Morning Book Clubbers!

So, Chapter Two…how are we feeling? I would ask several things of you today. (As usual, I would like you to post all responses to my questions in a comment post).

If you feel you need to, you are welcome to open a Word doc and draft your responses in this document, then cut and paste in the comments 🙂

Here goes!

1. Thoughts, feelings, predictions- take a moment to look back on your last comment’s and my comment to you. How accurate have you been so far? Do you have any thoughts, feelings or predictions you might like to add?

2. In this chapter, we have learned a little more about ‘The Committee’ and Max. Share your thoughts in the comments about The Committee and Max. Why do they have so much power? What do you thing they want? What are their motives? Please support your answers with a quote from the text and dont forget to quote the page numbers on which you found them! 🙂

3. Alison Stewart has been kind enough to visit us and leave us a comment! Pleas take a moment to read it HERE

4. Take a moment to think about the characters. What have you learned so far? How do you feel about them? Which character do you most identify or relate to? If you could ask them ANY question right now, what would it be? Use THIS LINK to assist you in thinking of a question to ask the character of your choice. Please be sure to give us some details about WHY you have asked this question in your comment.

Have I told you guys how awesome you are lately? No? Oh, well then, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

Next…Chapter 3 🙂


So here we are at the end of chapter one! WOW! What an action packed chapter!!

We have learned a great deal about our characters in this chapter, possibly without even realising it. Outlined below are a number of tasks I would like you to complete to illustrate how much you have absorbed about the characters in the novel and their situation.

Please complete these tasks in the comments of this post, (you may find it useful to draft your answer comment in a word document first and then cut and paste) don’t forget to include your name!

1. In the comments, make a list of all characters by name and have a guess at their ages/family status. For example: Lily, 17, twin sister to?

2. You may have noticed that although the mother has been ‘named’ the father has not. Make predictions about why this might be.

3. The ‘Black-troopers’ seem barely human…“The troopers never made a sound. They were huge and and muscular, but they travelled noiselessly. It was creepy. Humans were supposed to make noise when they moved. Normal people dragged their feet, touched walls, bumped against things, coughed, sneezed, lived.” Page 7, Days Like This- Alison Stewart. Write a paragraph on your thoughts so far on the Black-troopers. Why do you think they are inhumane?

4. What purpose do you think the pills serve? Why do you think different family members are given different pills? Do you think Dan’s headaches might be related to the pills? Why?  Do you think other members of the family and their behaviour is related to the pills? Support with examples.

5. Where is the novel set?

6. What do you think may have happened to the world to result in this situation? Lily mentions they have been locked inside for THREE years! Write a paragraph sharing your thoughts on what may have happened for the world to be as it is.

7. Water seems to be a valuable resource for the characters in this novel. Why do you think this is the case. Do you think the following product may have or would assist the characters in this novel? Write a paragraph supporting your claim.

Preparation for next week- Read to Chapter 2 🙂


Welcome to our Term 3 Book Club!

Our book club comprises of four enthusiastic Year 8 readers and one Librarian, all hailing from Manor Lakes P-12 College.

This blog was created so that our Book Club members might have a place to discuss and reflect upon our shared reading of Alison Stewart’s dystopian Young Adult novel- Days Like This.

Over the coming weeks, the members of our book club will introduce themselves and we shall all endeavour to share with you our thoughts and feelings on the novel.

Thanks for joining us on our journey! 🙂

You can find more information about Alison Stewarts novel, Days Like This, by clicking HERE.