Days Like This
A Novel Study

What is DaysLikeThis all about?

Welcome to our Term 3 Book Club!

Our book club comprises of four enthusiastic Year 8 readers and one Librarian, all hailing from Manor Lakes P-12 College.

This blog was created so that our Book Club members might have a place to discuss and reflect upon our shared reading of Alison Stewart’s dystopian Young Adult novel- Days Like This.

Over the coming weeks, the members of our book club will introduce themselves and we shall all endeavour to share with you our thoughts and feelings on the novel.

Thanks for joining us on our journey! 🙂

You can find more information about Alison Stewarts novel, Days Like This, by clicking HERE.


4 Responses to “What is DaysLikeThis all about?”

  1. Hi, I’m Mitchell and i think this book is going to be really awesome. I think it’s going to be like Gone by Michael Grant and Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres. This novel is based in Australia, Sydney. I think it’s gonna be something like a hit and run style through out the book. i found a Q & A about this book and has some good info.

  2. Hi i’m William and I think this book will be a really good read because of what it will be about. I think that it will be like Gone by Michael Grant.
    These are some of the websites that I found with information about the Author and the book.

  3. This book seems like it is going to be really exciting and action packed, it seems that they are living a good life then they are suddenly pushed into this crime filled place were they are always in fear of getting hurt/beaten plus they are scared of loosing one another

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