Days Like This
A Novel Study

Chapter One Reflection

So here we are at the end of chapter one! WOW! What an action packed chapter!!

We have learned a great deal about our characters in this chapter, possibly without even realising it. Outlined below are a number of tasks I would like you to complete to illustrate how much you have absorbed about the characters in the novel and their situation.

Please complete these tasks in the comments of this post, (you may find it useful to draft your answer comment in a word document first and then cut and paste) don’t forget to include your name!

1. In the comments, make a list of all characters by name and have a guess at their ages/family status. For example: Lily, 17, twin sister to?

2. You may have noticed that although the mother has been ‘named’ the father has not. Make predictions about why this might be.

3. The ‘Black-troopers’ seem barely human…“The troopers never made a sound. They were huge and and muscular, but they travelled noiselessly. It was creepy. Humans were supposed to make noise when they moved. Normal people dragged their feet, touched walls, bumped against things, coughed, sneezed, lived.” Page 7, Days Like This- Alison Stewart. Write a paragraph on your thoughts so far on the Black-troopers. Why do you think they are inhumane?

4. What purpose do you think the pills serve? Why do you think different family members are given different pills? Do you think Dan’s headaches might be related to the pills? Why?  Do you think other members of the family and their behaviour is related to the pills? Support with examples.

5. Where is the novel set?

6. What do you think may have happened to the world to result in this situation? Lily mentions they have been locked inside for THREE years! Write a paragraph sharing your thoughts on what may have happened for the world to be as it is.

7. Water seems to be a valuable resource for the characters in this novel. Why do you think this is the case. Do you think the following product may have or would assist the characters in this novel? Write a paragraph supporting your claim.

Preparation for next week- Read to Chapter 2 🙂


4 Responses to “Chapter One Reflection”

  1. 1. Lily, 15, Second Oldest
    Daniel, 16, Oldest
    Alice, 9, Youngest
    Megan, 34 Mother
    Sherbet, 3, Family Pet
    2. The Father might be an important character in the later stages of the story
    3. I think they are inhumane because they do not show any emotion and they are wearing black armour which could mean that they are the bad guys of the story.
    4. I think that the the pills are to keep them in line and under control so that it is easier to look after them and to keep them looked up. The pills are different because they are a different age and they may have medical conditions.
    5. The novel is set in Sydney, some time in the future when global warming has set in.
    6. Global Warming has set in and has made the world almost uninhabitable and they have to be locked inside so that they can stay alive.
    7. Because global warming has set in and the water is evaporating or it could have been poisoned so that they may not be able to drink it.

  2. 1. Lily is 15 i guess and is the second oldest. Dan is 16 i guess and is the oldest. Alice is 9 i guess and is the youngest. Megan is the mother and is 34. Pym is the dad and is about 35. Sherbet is the bird and i think is 3.
    2. I think the father has not been named because maybe he died by the blacktroopers or ran away from where they were living.
    3. i think they are inhuman because they don’t show any emotion. i think they may have been creatures in the wild and they may have captured those creatures and made them into monsters.
    4. I think the pills are related to dan’s heahaches because when he has the pills he gets headaches. I am not sure why different family different pills but it might be, so they can control them in some way.
    5. The novel is set Sydney, Australia.
    6. Well knowing some humans, humans can be greedy and try and over throw the government or the people in charge of the world or the country.
    7. I think the water in this novel could react to the pills. it might alter the genetics in the pills they take.

  3. Sherbet the pet Cockatoo is about 3 1/2 years old house pet
    Lily is about 16, she is like the heart of the
    Daniel is 16 (17 very soon) and is kind of the man of the house.
    Megan is 35 and is the mother but she is weird now
    Pym i’m guessing is the dad is about 40
    Alice the youngest is 12 she is the littlest
    Black Troopers age 20-40 and the enforces

    Father has been mentioned but it has not gone into detail about him or his look’s

    The Black Troopers seem really inhuman they seem like they have been altered, in ways that make them seem like they are not human, they seem like they are also given little food and water supplies because they always lick there lips. The way they are described and they way they walk seems as if they have been in strict training and are well disciplined.

    I think the purpose of the pills are to keep people from getting sick but also maybe to altar people, and to make the people know that they have no choose in what they do, they have to do what the black troopers say. The pills may be the cause of the head aches as well but it is difficult to tell at the moment.

    5.The novel is set in sydney

    I think the world became really hot due to global warming and it isn’t getting any better any time soon

    7. If this site was real then it may help them but only if they had hidden supplies so it didn’t get taken of them

  4. Well done guys! You have made some excellent observations and predictions here about characters and settings/possible reasons for their living situation.

    However, I notice that you guys have missed the fact that Daniel and Lily are twins, therefore they are the same age…easy enough to do though 🙂

    I was a little sneaky and did throw you a could of trick questions in the post, though some of you called me on it! The Father’s name is in fact mentioned and it is Pym 🙂

    Excellent observation to those of you that noticed that the website URL I provided you with for ‘Dehydrated Water’ is in fact a fake site!

    Keep up the great work guys!

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