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Chapter Two Reflection

Good Morning Book Clubbers!

So, Chapter Two…how are we feeling? I would ask several things of you today. (As usual, I would like you to post all responses to my questions in a comment post).

If you feel you need to, you are welcome to open a Word doc and draft your responses in this document, then cut and paste in the comments 🙂

Here goes!

1. Thoughts, feelings, predictions- take a moment to look back on your last comment’s and my comment to you. How accurate have you been so far? Do you have any thoughts, feelings or predictions you might like to add?

2. In this chapter, we have learned a little more about ‘The Committee’ and Max. Share your thoughts in the comments about The Committee and Max. Why do they have so much power? What do you thing they want? What are their motives? Please support your answers with a quote from the text and dont forget to quote the page numbers on which you found them! 🙂

3. Alison Stewart has been kind enough to visit us and leave us a comment! Pleas take a moment to read it HERE

4. Take a moment to think about the characters. What have you learned so far? How do you feel about them? Which character do you most identify or relate to? If you could ask them ANY question right now, what would it be? Use THIS LINK to assist you in thinking of a question to ask the character of your choice. Please be sure to give us some details about WHY you have asked this question in your comment.

Have I told you guys how awesome you are lately? No? Oh, well then, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!! I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

Next…Chapter 3 🙂


11 Responses to “Chapter Two Reflection”

  1. 1. I haven’t been to accurate of my predictions and assumptions but this week might be different. My predictions for the next chapter are: they are gonna have some fights.
    2. well i think the committee are all the rich people in Australia because how did they get all the money to build the dome. And Max could be in the committee or is the committee as Lily and Dan said. “Do you think Max is Committee?”.
    3. This comment is to Alison Stewart. Are their going to be any sequels to Days Like This?
    4. The question i would like to ask is to Dan. How are you gonna find out all this information about the committee?

    • Hi Mitchell,
      Thanks for your question about any sequels. When I wrote the book, my intention was that there would be no more sequels. But on the other hand, I can think of many scenarios that could lead to a sequel.
      I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t finished the book, but what would happen for instance, if people become dissatisfied with the “new world” that is created after the tsunami?
      And what if there’s a power struggle when people disagree on how to run their new society? There always seem to be people who want to be “in control!”
      I think your prediction about “having some fights” is pretty accurate!
      Best wishes,

  2. 1. I think that my predictions and guesses have been alright so far but not Accurate.
    2. I think that they have so much power because they are in charge of the Black Troopers. I think they just want total control. Max could be on the committee because of what Lily and Dan said “Do you think Max is in the committee or is the committee?”
    4. I think that I would relate most to Dan because I am a thinker and I do shout alot.

  3. Im starting to think that Pym the father is in a position that he really doesn’t want to be in , he wants to protect his family but he can’t because he is scared of the committee and is scared of max and has to be nice to him, also that daniel is a lot smarter then he puts out.

    The committee, seems to have a lot of power because they are in charge of the black troopers and it seems that the people who had the choice to live in side the Wall had to be rich or have to of had really good connections and they are paying o live inside the wall and all that money is helping the committee keep in charge.

    Thank you Alison for your feedback i am loving the book, it is really interesting.

    4. I have learnt that daniel is holding back his thoughts about the committee, and i think he is in danger. I think i am more like Daniel because he is a very good thinker.

  4. I really love the consideration you are all putting into your responses Guys! You are all doing a spectacular job and I am really very proud of you!! 🙂


  5. I’m predicting that Daniel is going to try and find out ore about the committee and the black troopers but it isn’t going to work out the way he had planned and he’s going to end up getting hurt. My thoughts on ‘days like this’ so far is that it’s a descriptive book and it goes into detail about the characters thoughts and I love that because it’s always good to know what the characters are thinking.

    The committee is so secretive and secluded and nothing thats secretive is ever good so I think alot of drama’s going to arise as soon as Daniel and Lily find more information about the committee but the more they find out the more trouble they’ll find themselves in. Max is a good character because his sudden mood swings really bring an urge to want to know more about him, it keeps you intrigued in his character. I believe the committee has so much power because the people thought at first that what the committee were doing would benefit them but now that they have realized not all is how it seems there stuck in a controlled society. In the book it states on page 25 “I haven’t learned much from the committee documents but what I have seen is pretty weird. There was something about people being hormonally lucrative.” I predict the pills are making there thoughts secluded so they can’t really think of what the committee are up to but instead feel the emotions the black troopers want them to feel.

    So far I have learnt that Daniel is the most curious out of the family and wants to find out whats going on. Lily is the most reasonable and caring and what to look after her family and stop the mis-treatment of the black troopers. Alice is the youngest and still follows her mum and dad and tells them what Lily and Daniel are up to. My favourite character so far is Daniel because he’s standing up for what he believes in and is being brave and trying to protect his family at the same time. If i could ask any question to Daniel it would be: Why didn’t you start a massive protest for the whole society living inside the wall and confront the committee? I asked this question because Daniel seems confused and has alot on his plate with the headaches but I want to give him an option of something thats plausible.

    Beth 🙂

  6. To all the people who have left their thoughts about the book, you have a rerally terrific understanding of where the book is going.
    And some of you have some excellent ideas about how certain characters could have acted in a different way, like Beth’s idea, for example, that Daniel could have been more forthright in leading a protest. That would be consistent with his brave and feisty character!
    I hope you keep enjoying it.
    All the best,

  7. I should proofread my comments, shouldn’t I?
    I meant “really”, not “rerally”! 🙂

    • Hi Alison,

      I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for engaging here in the comments with the students. They have not seen these comments yet and I plan to let them answer you rather than me blathering on, but, it certainly makes things far more exciting when the actual author of the novel they are studying, makes time to read what they are posting and comment. I greatly appreciate it! Have a lovely day 🙂


  8. It’s a pleasure, Tye. It’s fantastic to see people reading and hopefully enjoying the book. I’ve just this minute seen a review on Penguin Teachers’ Corner written by another librarian, Mandy Kilpatrick, at Kings Meadows High School, where she talks about a few themes. Some of your students might be interested, perhaps?
    Here it is, anyway:
    All the best,

  9. They are greatly enjoying it, as am I! Its a wonderful book 🙂

    This link is AWESOME!! Thank you SO much!!!

    Have a lovely day 🙂


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