Days Like This
A Novel Study

ICT Activity- Create a Voki

ICT Activities:

Character Voki

1. After reading chapters 1-4 choose two characters from the book.

2. You will be creating a talking avatar using

3. Go to and log-in or create a Voki account. (Note: If you are not logged in, you will not be able to embed your Voki in your blog/keynote.)

4. Choose two characters from Days Like This. Create a Voki for those characters.  Due to the word count limitations in each Voki, you may need to do a few Vokis for your character to complete the speech requirements. You’re writing the speech in first person as if the character is talking about himself/ herself. Include the following details in your speech:

  • Three text details that describe their behaviours, how they feel, what they might be thinking about one another/their situation, their appearance, etc.
  • Share their thoughts on the Black Troopers.
Once you have completed your Voki, email me the embed code for your Voki so I can embed them into a blog post. Dont forget to include your name in the subject line of your email please 🙂

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